About Us

The Argo Brand

Since taking on the Argo brand in the mid-90s, we have sold literally hundreds of new Argo vehicles, and that is a claim that very few dealers can make either locally or abroad. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with hands on experience and vast knowledge of these unique vehicles, has made our company a comfortable choice for many to purchase their new Argo. We offer a clean, professional atmosphere with no high-pressure sales tactics, and offer only accurate insight into these versatile and unique machines.


The Argo is a unique product with unique capabilities that require the potential purchaser to obtain the correct and accurate information in order to make an educated purchasing decision. We provide our customers with the proper detailed information pertaining to these all wheel-drive amphibians based on 40+ years of Argo hands-on experience. Anyone can sell you an Argo, we actually help you purchase one.

Qualify Your Dealer

Argo is fortunate enough to have some very good dealers here in Ontario. Dealers that know the product, dealers that know how to repair the product, dealers that know how to sell the product, dealers that can answer questions about the products, dealers that can show the product, and dealers that know how to treat the customer.

The difference here at Action Auto Sales, is that you will find all these important qualities under one roof. Our success in the Argo business was not purchased, inherited, or even handed-down. It was built solely from the ground up on honesty, trust and mutual client & dealer respect. That growth continues today – one satisfied customer at a time.

We invite you to take advantage of our 40+ years of experience.


We are a proud 30-year member of the UCDA. UCDA members voluntarily agree to a Code of Ethics urging them to:

  • Disclose everything they know about the vehicle
  • Present their vehicles fairly and accurately
  • Ensure that customers fully understand the products and services being offered
  • Deliver on all promises
  • Deal with reasonable complaints promptly